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  • Managing Director's declaration of conformity

    Dear visitor,

    Why should you, aircraft owner or executive carrier, work with Jet Advisor Romania? Why should you entrust your highly valuable asset to us? Please consider the answer to this question as my promise to you.

    Jet Advisor is two years old, although individually we have over a decade of aviation experience at all levels. Ours is a company built on principles observed and applied while working for different carriers worldwide. For example, we learned to value the importance of investing in and maintaining a knowledgebase. Every second we spend planning a flight or studying an airport is added to our identity, so that you can be sure that today we are smarter than yesterday and that tomorrow we will be smarter than today. We have made a lot of mistakes during our careers, but never the same ones twice, which is exactly why we claim we are among the best at what we do.

    Having been in different positions within executive carriers, we know how such a business works. We understand the value of communication and resource management. Therefore we will protect your investment. You will not have to explain how important a passenger is. We have planned flights for Heads of State and wealthy businessmen every day, and we have done so with the same close attention to detail. If it can be done, rest assured it will be handled by our team.

    With 24-hour guaranteed availability, your flights are planned and followed using the best tools available today. This enables us to guarantee by contract that we plan your fight within one hour from the moment you submit all the required details, without ever affecting quality.

    Safety, value and punctuality are our priorities. Licensed EASA dispatchers will make sure that your operational documentation is accurate, so that SAFA checks will never be a problem. Alternate selection and NOTAM checking is our daily business and we rarely-to-never make mistakes.

    Please look closely at the graphic on the right to see for yourself the numbers behind our experience. From March 2011 we have planned 13108 flights around the world, totaling 16306 airport slots and just as many overflight and landing permissions.

    This site tells Jet Advisorís story as well as a bit about the aircraft we service. We encourage you to have a look around.We are aware that our customers need performance. And this is exactly what we offer.

    Best regards,

    Alex Miclos
    Managing Director, Jet Advisor Romania

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